Friday, July 17, 2009

Midwest thoughts

On the ground in Chicago, we were reflecting on the scenery and last night's friendly crowd who was eager to dance at the St Croix Casino in Wisconsin. Good people, fresh air, quaint little red farm houses... We play tomorrow at the stage across the street form the hotel room here in Vernon Hills. Two bands played earlier and there were about 8,000 people out in the rather cold wind drinking beer, dancing with glow sticks and having a good time. Ron, who put the tour together, got us a huge Excursion limo SUV and the guys from Fandango and Fortunate Son were cracking us up on the ride form the airport. Time for rest for tomorrow's glow stick festival... Can't wait!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Prep Work for Midwest Tour

The band has been hard at work getting everything ready for our kickoff tour with the American Rock and Roll show. The dress rehearsal at the Oceanview Pavilion worked out well. We're excited to get out there with the guys from Fandango and Fortunate Son.

I have some family folks out in Chicago that have never seen The Long Run perform... I was thinking this is a good way to spend our 10th anniversary year.