Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jackpot for The Long Run

This room was full of energy and people at each of our 3 sold out American Rock & Roll shows at Cactus Pete's in Jackpot, Nevada. We were surprised that this remote casino could be such a high quality music venue and attract so many avid music fans. The sound was great, the rooms were nice and the surrounding mountains and landscapes were beautiful. Most of the people came in from Idaho, and we met a lot of cool people. This was definitely more of a rock crowd who liked the loud tunes. One young lady was even asked by security to refrain from dancing on the table, but to her defense, there wasn't a whole lot of floor space.

I was laughing when we landed in Burbank airport back home at how many musicians were flying in from gigs and picking up music gear at the baggage claim. If ever I forget, we live in a showbiz town here. But that's a good sign for the economy that people are getting out to shows and rocking out. So thank you Jackpot for doing just that with us.