Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Summer Sizzle

Hotel California guitars.
photo courtesy: Ivys Caldevilla

On August 8th we brought our show to a charming little amphitheatre in the bedroom community of La Palma, in North O.C. Their summer concert series is still very new and audiences typically average four to five-hundred in number. That night, with Eagles
songs in the air, about 1,400 folks joined the party. - still humble, but that's progress.

We hope to return next summer!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Returning Home

After our last show in Chicago (Vernon Hills) we packed up our gear and each got what little sleep we could (2 hours or less for most of us) before our 4:30 AM hotel lobby call the next morning. We were limoed back to Midway Airport to catch our flight back to Los Angeles. By the time we got to L.A. we were all exausted but knew we had
to pull it all together for one more day; 2:00pm load-in for a 2 hour show at 5:00 in Manhattan Beach, California.

The late afternoon sun was hot but what we felt more than anything was the love of the crowd - 6,000 strong. (The white arrow points to us playing) We couldn't have ordered a better reception.

Nothin' says "we're in a beach town" like beach balls at a rock concert and there were about a half-dozen of them floating around the stage area. One made a cameo in this shot of us playing Hotel California.

No one had a better time that day than Gig: "Manhattan Beach is my hometown... where I grew up. I'm not sure anything could've recharged my batteries better than having our show so warmly embraced by a great big Manhattan Beach crowd. There were people 360 degrees around us."

A few hundred folks packed themselves near the stage from sound check through the end of the show.

We broke the rules and played 20 minutes longer than the city is supposed to let us. Despite a taxing week of shows and a little jet lag, this great audience deserved everything we had in us. So, we left it all on stage and went home to finally collapse, thankful that we didn't have a show the next day.

photos by: Lori Tanimura

A lovely woman named Suzanne who was there at the park that day has posted a handful of her videos on YouTube.