Monday, October 19, 2009

Oklahoma is OK!

photo by Gary Grantham

Hey everyone, it's Gig.
Pictured above is the stage at the Oklahoma State Fair.
When we got to the site at about 10 AM on show day the
pro touring crew was all set up and commencing their line check.

By contrast, and as Chris said (in the Hermosillo post), it was pretty
novel to arrive at the site (in Mexico) to find an impressive show rig
being built over a stage that was still just a large piece of dirt.
But, when we returned a couple of hours later a nice stage, 8 feet off
the ground awaited us. It was loaded with a full lighting package,
smoke machines, video projection and even pyrotechnics.
And to be fair, that stage was erected specifically for our show while
the Oklahoma rig had already enjoyed 9 days worth of entertainment.
The sound in Hermosillo was big and bombastic and we were able to
open the show with our intro video, something only a handful of you
have seen at select venues.

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