Thursday, January 21, 2010

The rain did not stop San Diego

Our first show of 2010 landed us at the beautiful Anthology jazz club in downtown San Diego. I took the above photo of the stage during setup, which was loaded with technology. The whole set was captured on video and audio, and it was our first public performance with our new monitoring system. And they treated us well... the food was outstanding, and we felt right at home upstairs in the "Taylor Room," as a couple of us own Taylor guitars. I guess since Taylor is a local company, they sponsored a VIP room and put up some showcase guitars.

The staff set up the club in anticipation of a busy
night. Just about every table was reserved.
A couple friend's of Gig arrived just as we were
finishing dinner. When we came out of the Taylor
room (on the 3rd floor) Gig saw his friend Geneen
waving at him. He went over to say hello and
asked, "What the hell are you doing way up here
instead of down at floor level?" She replied,
"Cause everything else is friggin' sold out!"

Here's a grab shot of GH singing
Desperado, pictured on the big
screen. The photo was snapped by
our own GR, early in the song when
we has time to take pictures. He almost always does during Desperado.

The turnout was pretty awesome considering the heavy rain... By the end of the set, people were dancing in a tiny sliver of space in front of the stage.

Thanks for braving the weather to all who made it out! We definitely hope to make it back to Anthology soon...

Next stop: Jackpot, Nevada!

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